Charity appeals for worthy cause

KIND-HEARTED members of Featherstone’s Corra Bike Ride Charity Fund are appealing for a worthy cause to come forward as their new beneficiary.

The group, based at Girnhill Lane WMC, is looking for anyone in the community who needs financial help to improve their quality of life.

Ian Holt, fund chairman, said: “We need to let people know we are here and we want them to come forward if they need help. If we can make people’s live easier in our area, that’s what we are here to do.

“Our charity covers the Five Towns so anyone who is from the community can come and see us or write in.

“Any help they need that’s beyond the national help they can get or what they can afford themselves, we can help with their quality of life.”

Last year the charity’s main beneficiary was Featherstone tot Tegan Booth whose family needed help to buy a specially adapted car to make journeys easier for their seriously ill daughter.

The charity held fundraising events to help raise the cash.

Mr Holt said: “When we registered as a charity last year our criteria was to help people in our area. It’s not just for equipment – we have given things to hospitals and donated money to the British Legion.

To be considered by the charity, visit or contact Mr Holt on 01977 792235.

The phone number printed in this week’s Express was incorrect and has been rectified above.