Charity launched

Pulak Sahay
Pulak Sahay
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A PONTEFRACT Hospital doctor has launched a charity to raise awareness of reflux disease – a condition which can lead to dangerous forms of cancer.

Dr Pulak Sahay is launching the Campaign Against Reflux Disease (CARD) to issue healthy living advice to raise awareness of symptoms including heartburn, vomiting, trouble swallowing and chest pain.

Dr Sahay said reflux could lead to cancer of the oesophagus – the fastest rising cancer in the western world.

He added: “Obviously one should not be an alarmist and I would not want every single person to go to the GP on the first occasion when they get heartburn.

“However, they must also not brush their symptoms under the carpet and keep on taking over-the-counter medication and antacids long-term.”

The charity is advising lifestyle changes including losing weight, giving up smoking and avoiding excess caffeine and alcohol to cut the risks from reflux disease. Log on to www. for more information about reflux disease.