Children crack down on dog owners

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Conscientious children learned about responsible dog ownership as part of a crack down by Wakefield Council on fouling.

Pupils from Larks Hill Primary School i n Pontefract joined officers from the local authority in launching a campaign to raise awareness of picking up after pets.

Students waved campaign flags and learned about being a responsible dog owner after watching a video.

Coun Maureen Cummings, cabinet member for environment and communities, said: “We are committed to cleaning up our environment but need your help to do so.

“It’s great that local school children will be involved in this launch, not only because they are the future generation but also the risks associated with dog faeces are particularly linked to children.

“We hope the children enjoy the day and come away understanding responsible dog ownership.”

Enforcement officers will be working with the police to step up patrols in the area and catch owners who fail to clean up after their dog. Officers have the power to issue £50 fixed penalty notices on the spot.

Coun Cummings added: “There is no excuse, clean up after your dog – bag and bin it.”