Civil War hoard finds new home

Dave Dagger with some of the 'Ackworth Hoard' collection at Pontefract Museum.  (p622c302)
Dave Dagger with some of the 'Ackworth Hoard' collection at Pontefract Museum. (p622c302)

A CAMPAIGN to keep a hoard of buried treasure in the district has been successful.

A selection of gold and silver Civil War coins unearthed in High Ackworth is now on display at Pontefract Museum following a fundraising bid by council chiefs.

Wakefield Council has secured £39,000 in grants and public donations to buy part of the Ackworth Hoard which was unveiled at the Salter Row museum earlier this week.

Coun David Dagger, Wakefield Council cabinet member for culture, said: “We are delighted to have secured part of the hoard for display at Pontefract Museum.

“These items are a real part of this district’s rich history. We need to do all we can to try and keep the treasure in the district for future generations to enjoy.”

Council bosses launched a bid last October to raise £54,492 to ensure the hoard remained in the Five Towns.

The authority has now secured £27,000 from the Victoria and Albert Museum Purchase Grant and £10,000 from the Headley Trust, with an additional £2,000 raised by public donation.

Coun Dagger added: “Thank you to those who have already donated. We still need more support to secure the hoard in its entirety so every donation however big or small will help save the items for Yorkshire.”

At a treasure trove inquest last year, Wakefield Coroner’s Court heard how Dr Owen Johnson unearthed a ceramic pot containing the coins while inspecting building work at his home.

The hoard – which also contained a gold posy ring inscribed “When this you see, remember me” – is thought to have been buried between 1645 and 1646, around the same time as the second siege of Pontefract Castle.

To make a donation in person, ask for a donation envelope at Pontefract Museum, Pontefract Castle, Sandal Castle, Wakefield Tourist Information Centre or any Wakefield district library.

To make a donation by post make a cheque payable to Wakefield Council – The Ackworth Hoard, and send it to Pontefract Museum, 5 Salter Row, Pontefract, WF8 1BA.

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