Claim for compensation

LAST March I took a neighbour from the A&E in Pontefract to the A&E at Pinderfields.

He was a few days short of his 80th birthday.

He had injured his hand gardening and when he arrived in Pontefract A&E he had no money, no overcoat and would presumably have been suffering from shock.

As they couldn’t complete the treatment in Pontefract he was advised to make his own way to Pinderfields. I took him in my car.

I subsequently wrote a letter of complaint to the trust and also claimed compensation for my car journey to and from Pinderfields at the same rate that the trust pays its own employees.

Ms Squires at the meeting last November in the town hall said that anybody having to travel to Pinderfields would be assisted or compensated. Even though this was said under duress, I believe she meant it.

Last week, over four months later, I received a travel expenses cheque for just over £10, not much I agree, but the precedent is there.

So anybody who feels that they are justified in making a claim for compensation for using their car to transport a patient from Pontefract to Pinderfields get in your claim quickly before the trust runs out of money completely, or ceases to exist!


Stonegate Drive,