Club is given a reprieve after glassing attack

The Royal British Legion in Castleford. (Google)
The Royal British Legion in Castleford. (Google)

A social club has vowed to tighten up security after a violent altercation in which a drinker was glassed.

The former Royal British Legion in Castleford was recently hauled before a licensing sub-committee at Wakefield Council after the incident in January in which the victim needed hospital treatment to his head.

Both the victim and perpetrator were not members of the club, and the club officials failed to report it to police which prompted a review into the premises on Powell Street.

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The police also criticised the club for not allowing them in later that night when the steward told them he had locked up for the evening and asked them to come back the next day.

The licensing committee has now given the club a chance to implement changes.

Secretary to the club, Jack Coulson said: “It’s a relief, but we have already implemented some of the measures and we are determined to take it forward.

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“We want to work with the police, we are in the heart of the community. We are all volunteers and we give up our time for nothing. Nobody will use this club unless they are a member, if they’re not, they’re not coming in.”

The club is no longer affiliated with the Royal British Legion and is now known as Castleford Ex-Services Club, with a new 14-strong male and female committee. They are also cutting annual membership fees from over £17 to £3 to encourage more members.

As part of the agreement, they have been ordered to improve CCTV in the premises and staff must undergo regular training to implement Challenge 25 - a proof of age scheme to prevent underage drinking.

They must also implement Pub Watch, the scheme to keep undesirable away.

Chairman of the sub-committee, Coun Glyn Lloyd said: “It’s obvious there’s been historic problems but we believe the conditions we’ve attached are proportionate.”