Comets’ ladies are ‘fusing fun with fitness’

The Comets group who run various activities including the weekly buggy walk.
The Comets group who run various activities including the weekly buggy walk.

Mums have been helped to get active through a ladies only fitness group.

The Comets, featured this week as part of our #sistersport campaign, prides itself on “fusing fitness and fun” through activities including running, buggy walks and cycling.

It runs a number of sessions that women of all ages and abilities - mothers or not - can get involved in. And it also helps new mums wanting to exercise safely after giving birth.

Leader Rachel Hale said: “We wanted to create a friendly, supportive group where women felt comfortable and motivated to exercise without judgement.

“The group has exceeded all our expectations in encouraging more local women to try or get back into exercise.”

The Comets was formed in 2016 with help from the Yorkshire Sport Foundation’s Mums’ Team initiative, which aims to encourage mothers to get involved in sport and physical activity.

The scheme provided funding for three of the group’s founding members to do their UK Athletics Leadership qualification in running fitness.

And it also gave the women £150 to create a website and market the group.

Mrs Hale said: “Mums’ Team gave us the initial qualifications and confidence to start Comets, showing us that we could make a difference to other women and encourage increased participation in exercise.

“Without their support in the beginning we wouldn’t exist as a group and wouldn’t have such an amazing bunch of ladies attending sessions regularly.”

The running and cycling sessions, priced at £1, and buggy walks, priced at 50p, take place each week and women are invited to attend when they can.

People can also sign up to a Comets annual membership for £25. And the group also hosts 12 week courses for beginner cyclists and runners.

Member Maud Hollis said: “Comets isn’t just a fitness group, it’s support, it’s friendship, it’s encouragement, it’s a chance to escape the madness of everyday life in a non-judgemental environment.

“I’ve always been afraid of running in case I failed or embarrassed myself but with the support of the other Comets ladies I’ve realised I can do it and it turns out I actually enjoy running.”

For a full timetable of sessions, visit