Commissioner plan is ‘crazy’

I would be interested to know who first dreamed up the idea of electing police commissioners, because truthfully I think this is the craziest plan ever to be put before the public, and I will certainly not be voting on November 15.

What is so wrong with the present police authority, where a group of people who may all have different views, sit around a table and debate and discuss until they reach an agreement? To have just one person making such decisions is wrong!

How many people in the Wakefield area can say they know each of the people nominated for this job? To me they are just total strangers! I have never heard of a single one, so how can I vote for any of them? Why is the election of a police commissioner being made into a political issue anyhow, by stating which political party they represent?

This whole issue is purely another “jobs for the boys” waste of time and money when our country is already on its knees due to crippling debts.

The public is told to tighten their belts to reduce the national debt, yet the government wastes millions on this insane idea and is willing to pay out £100,000 salaries to people who, with few exceptions, have little or no experience in policing whatsoever.

I do have faith in the present system where not one, but several individuals can make decisions between them, but to give so much power to just one person is total madness!


Holes Lane