‘Contempt’ for Pontefract’s citizens

WAKEFIELD Council planning committee has once again shown its utter contempt for the wishes, wellbeing and safety of the tax paying citizens of Pontefract and instead has given priority to assisting private developers boost their profits to the detriment of the local population.

By granting planning permission to Wilson and Barratt developments to build on and destroy, productive farmland on Ackworth/Hardwick Road in Pontefract, at a time when climate change is causing food shortages worldwide, they demonstrate a lack of understanding of wider issues or have chosen to ignore them.

We are being bombarded with propaganda that there is a desperate need for more homes to be built and in the case of social housing this is probably true. The luxury four and five-bedroom homes which make up 70 per cent of those planned for this site, do not fulfill a social need but are purely profit driven.

The population of Pontefract now faces even more traffic congestion, getting your child into a local school will become more difficult because with the present population they are working at capacity and the NHS will be under even more pressure from a significant rise in population.

The planning meeting on November 8 was merely adhering to protocol and going through the motions. I believe their decision had already been made.

Wakefield Council’s slogan ‘Working for You’ obviously does not refer to its taxpaying residents but is aimed at developers who can offer incentives, destroy the environment then disappear with their vast profits.

Wakefield Council was elected to ensure an acceptable quality of life for all the local population. With overwhelming evidence proving the adverse impact on the local population, the planning committee has decided that the health, wellbeing and safety of those it affects is very low on its list of priorities. I urge voters at the next election to ponder long and hard before trusting any candidate with their vote.


Holgate Road