Cost of Town End

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INITIALLY Newgate diversion (Jubilee Way) in Pontefract included four filter lanes for traffic turning left at Town End.

To make way for these, besides the New Inn being demolished, the Robin Hood, Eubanks Motorbikes and the solicitors would also have been.

To reduce costs, the lanes were omitted. It’s a shame, there wouldn’t have been half the problems there is at Town End today if they had been included.

The main cost of the diversion was in structural works, the facing brickwork alone for the retaining walls to the church etc would have built at least six houses.

The road bridge at Tanshelf station required bored concrete piles for its foundations larger than the pillars at the front of the court house.

To lift the main span for Crab Hill footbridge into place required a specialist crane, as luck had it Hewden Stuart had one at its Glass Houghton base, but it was still expensive to hire.

There was a surprise when the existing road in Newgate above the Crescent cinema was excavated, yards and yards of old tram line sprung up from the cobble stones hidden beneath the tarmac overlay. I wonder if there are tram lines still hidden in Ropergate.

Let’s hope cost isn’t a major factor in the design of the new roundabout system at Town End.


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