Council should ‘master the basics’

ANY initiative to help stop dog fouling on our streets is to be commended and supported (‘New initiative to help stop dog fouling’ Express August 9), however Coun Cummings must realise that initiatives are of little value unless the basics have been mastered.

On August 1 I went into Purston Park to help set up for Play Day. I was met with an overflowing dog dirt bin with 40 to 50 bags at its base. A lady dog walker told me that it is always like that.

I rang the council and was told that it normally takes five days to deal with complaints. I explained that hundreds of children and their adults wre expected in the park that day but was gain told that it would take five days to deal with my complaint.

Featherstone and District Community Events Association has organised Play Day on the first Wednesday of August for the past five years.

This marvellous, free event was advertised in this newspaper and around the district and as I presume that the necessary permissions were sought and granted by the council I am at a loss to explain why the council did not make the park ready for the event.

Nor can I explain why this bin is not emptied regularly; the dangers of dog dirt are widely known. It looks as if most dog owners who walk their dogs in our park behave responsibly and comply with their legal duty to clean up their dog’s mess.

It would be nice to think they are supported by the council. It would be even nicer to think that our park is always shown to advantage especially at community events which attract visitors from outside the district.

The bin was emptied before the event began as I contacted my councillor. If irresponsible dog owners see that the authorities cannot be bothered then they will just follow suit.


Katrina Grove