County wide tour in bid to reduce crime

West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson has begun a tour of the county in a bid to clamp down on crime.

Mr Burns-Williamson has set out his vision to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour across the district and is visiting towns and cities this week.

The tour follows the launch of the district-wide West Yorkshire Police Crime Plan in March.

Mr Burns-Williamson said: “I have listened to what the public have said on the issues that are important to them and I recognise that every area of West Yorkshire has different priorities relating to crime and community safety.

“Working alongside our partners, we have been able to create a five year plan detailing how we will tackle them.

“Reducing harm and risks to people at a local level is really important, which is why it was a priority in the plan and one of the areas where I have made commitments.”

He added that the plan will aim to reduce the number of burglaries, tackle serious and violent crimes such as rape and child sexual exploitation.

Mr Burns-Williamson is joined on the tour by West Yorkshire Police chief constable Mark Gilmore.

Mr Gilmore said: “The local launches of the plan enables us to focus our efforts on the issues we know are of concern to people.

“They also give our communities a very clear indication of our intentions to bring about reductions in crimes which present threats, risk or harm.”