Crash waiting to happen

I READ with interest the letter of Express August 18 that described an incident with a bus and a near accident, and I am writing to describe an even worse situation that I found myself in not once, but twice.

I regularly use the old A1 road when driving home from work, I leave the A1 on the old Ferrybridge services roundabout.

Last year, having left the roundabout and following the road the the left, I saw before me a blue car coming towards me facing the wrong way, the driver was attempting to turn in to the exit for Ferrybridge services.

I managed to drive past this person by transferring to the left hand lane, leaving this person to use the right hand lane against the oncoming traffic and travelling the wrong way around the roundabout.

I signalled to the driver and tried to reason with them on what can only be described as an act of complete stupidity, but this person calmly pointed at the exit to say they intended to turn in.

I was travelling home again a number of months later and unbelievably I found myself in the same situation.

I had again left the exit on the same roundabout and I was in the outside, right hand lane.

I found myself head on with this same blue car that was calmly waiting for traffic to give way while he faced the wrong way on the roundabout.

A white car had also travelled down the exit in the left hand lane and he missed a collision with the blue car by the skin of his teeth as he skidded on the road to avoid this car.

In the meantime I found myself sitting facing the blue car waiting for a lorry or other vehicle to hit my car from behind, while I gave way to this same idiot who wanted to turn in to the services exit.

On arriving home I contacted the police and advised them of these two instances, I even started to think that I had dreamed them because they were so unbelievable. The police asked if I had taken the registration mark and I informed them that I was too shocked and angry to get the number.

The police also asked me if I thought the signage was poor on the roundabout – but who in their right mind would go around a roundabout the wrong way?

All I know is that the car is a sky blue car, possibly an Astra, and that there will soon be a fatal accident on this roundabout due to the total and utter stupidity of this driver.


Lock Lane