Creative pupils’ Christmas carol

Airedale Academy A Christmas Carol
Airedale Academy A Christmas Carol
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EXPRESSIVE students at Airedale Academy amazed audiences with their gothic performance of Charles Dickens’ classic tale A Christmas Carol .

Sixty pupils who took part in the production at the Crewe Road school’s Phoneix Theatre used snow machines and extravagant costumes to bring the well-known Christmas tale to life.

The student cast – made up of pupils from all years – gave three performances to packed houses last week.

Steve Elliot, vice-principal, said: “The whole show was professional, stunning, entertaining and fun.

“It was also quite a serious production which showed that Christmas isn’t just about presents, Dickens’ story actually has quite a dark gothic meaning behind it.”

Tracey Bell, head of drama, and Rachel Nickerson, head of dance, directed the show with lighting and stage management by former student Adam Archer.

Mr Elliot added: “The set and the make up were spectacular, it really looked like a professional show which you would expect to see in a professional theatre.

“Everyone who came to see the show enjoyed it and the talent that shone through from the performances of the students was second to none.

“Josh Kirk who played Scrooge is a star in the making, he was absolutely wonderful and gave a shining performance throughout the three days of the show.

“Darren Clark’s performance as Ghost Marley was very powerful and Ellis McCarthy who played Bob Cratchit was excellent.

“There were many strong performances from the sixth formers, including Emelia Lee, Jade Wilkinson, Stacey Lilleyman and Lucy Walton.

“The whole show was excellent and a wonderful way to welcome in the new sixth form classes.”

Airedale Academy enrolled its inaugural sixth form class in September and offers courses in performing arts, English literature, business studies and information and communication technology.