12 of the most ridiculous 999 calls made to West Yorkshire emergency services

From the ridiculous to the unbelievable, West Yorkshire Police have released the latest calls made to them that are most definitely NOT an emergency.

Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 3:39 pm
Updated Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 4:39 pm
Don't call unless you really do have an emergency - not just a broken nail!

In a Tweet today, the Force said these are just some of the inappropriate calls that they've had to their 999 emergency line. They said: "On average, we receive 120 calls a day to our 999 line that are not a life or death emergency. One is too many. #MakeTheRightCall. #30Days30WaysUK #Not999."

One caller said: "I've burst a tyre on the motorway."
Caller said: "I've paid 3 contactless card at the store but she said it was declined."
Caller: "I have broken my toe nail."
"My benefits haven't gone into my bank."
"Can you buy me a packet of cigarettes?"
"Is it illegal to drive with your flip-flops on?"
"I was walking my dog and a staffie has been chasing him, trying to hump him."
"Could the police officer who came to my property have taken the aerial for my television reception?"
"We have an emergency - we're at Leeds train station and we have somebody who is being sick."
"I want a pizza so can you order me a pizza?"
"I think I've had my phone line cut."
"We've just got a new phone put in and my wife was showing some friends and dialled by accident. Sorry about that."