Caught on camera as he prepared to hang girlfriend from a door

The attack was captured on secret cameras Carr had installed in his home in Castleford as part of his controlling behaviour towards his partner.
The attack was captured on secret cameras Carr had installed in his home in Castleford as part of his controlling behaviour towards his partner.

A former Castleford soldier was caught on his own CCTV camera putting a noose around his girlfriend’s neck and trying to hang her from a door.

A court was shown harrowing footage of the moment Stefan Carr carried out the shocking attack on Bethany Marchant.

The 28-year-old put rope around Miss Marchant’s neck then used it to lift her off the ground.

Carr then put his forearm across her throat and applied further pressure before biting her face.

The attack was captured on secret cameras Carr had installed in his home in Castleford as part of his controlling behaviour towards his partner.

Leeds Crown Court was shown footage of the prolonged violence in which Miss Marchant could be heard screaming and begging Carr to end the ordeal.

Eventually the victim persuaded Carr to take her to hospital. But after driving a short distance he said he was going to drive the car into the reservoir at Fairburn Ings and drown them both, and that if he went to prison he would have her, her partner and son all killed. At that point the police arrived.

Carr has now committed domestic violence offences against four different women.

At the time of the attack - on May 5 this year - Carr was on police bail after twice assaulting the mother of his two children.

During one of those attacks, Carr wrapped a phone cord around the victim’s neck and tried to suffocate her with a cushion.

Carr, of Carlyle Crescent, was made the subject of an extended prison sentence totalling 11 years and three months for the public’s protection.

Judge Penelope Belcher told him: “You are a man who has this tendency to violence, particularly in the course of domestic relationships, with a risk to those in that relationship and their children.”

Dance teacher Miss Marchant, from Sherburn in Elmet, started a relationship with Carr in September last year.

Jonathan Sharp, prosecuting, said: “He made her, she said, fell ‘really loved and special’.

“But he achieved this in part by making her feel insecure, threatening her that he had video recordings of her that he could use to have her one-year-old child removed from her.

“He was, she thought, unfaithful to her.

“When she challenged him about this he would apologise and say he could not live without her.”

The court heard police contacted Miss Marchant to warn her about Carr’s previous behaviour.

Carr’s former partner also contacted Miss Marchant to warn her.

Mr Sharp said: “When, after this, she resolved to split up with him he engaged in emotional blackmail, with behaviour such as putting a dressing-gown cord around his neck and threatening to throw himself in front of a train.

“Although they separated in February 2019, they reunited a dew days later. It was plainly a deeply unhealthy relationship.”

The attack took place in the early hours of the morning after the couple had been out for a meal together.

The prosecutor said: “He got some rope out of a chest of drawers, fashioned it in to a noose, and then posed for several minutes as if he had just hung himself.”

Carr then went on to use violence against Miss Marchant.

Carr pleaded guilty to attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent and two offences of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Marcus Waite, mitigating, said Carr had served in the army until he was discharged aged 21.

Mr Waite said his client did not begin offending until after he left the forces and has been diagnosed as suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Carr was told her must serve a custodial term of eight years followed by an extended licence period of three years and three months.

Carr’s history of violence

Leeds Crown Court heard thug Stefan Carr has engaged in significant violence towards women.

In May 2011 he began a relationship with the mother of his two children.

Jonathan Sharp, prosecuting, said the relationship was abusive from the start, progressing from verbal to violence.

On one occasion he demanded to see her laptop and phone, punching her in the face. In January of this year he also grabbed a landline phone cord on which she was trying to call 999 because of his behaviour, and tried to strangle her with it.

Carr was arrested and questioned over the attacks before being released on bail.

He went on the commit the offences against Miss Marchant on May 5.

Carr has conviction for violence against two other former partners.

In 2011 he attacked a 17-year-old victim after he had been in a six-month relationship with her. He broke down the door at her friend’s home before carrying out the attack.

He grabbed her by the hair, pulled her outside and kneed her to the face.

Carr then attacked another woman in 2012 while they were on a night out together in Castleford.

He grabbed her by the throat, headbutted her to the mouth and punched her in the face.

The woman threw her engagement ring and phone at Carr during the incident.

The next day he turned up at her home demanding the ring.

The woman tried to hide in the bathroom but he ripped the door off its hinges, headbutted her in the mouth, and repeatedly kicked and punched her.