Diners cleared from restaurant after 'incident' which led to man's arrest

Diners were forced to leave a Wakefield restaurant as police turned up to investigate an 'incident'.

Officers turned up at Estabulo on Burgage Square on Thursday evening and cleared the premises.

Estabulo on Burgage Square

Estabulo on Burgage Square

One diner told the Express: "We had finished and paid and were just leaving when the waiters started going round and telling everyone else that they had to leave quickly because it was a crime scene.

"Everyone was hurried out of the door. We didn’t see anything going on at all, but one of the police women had been in the restaurant for a good half hour before everyone was asked to leave."

The police confirmed that they had been called to an 'incident' and that a man in his 20s had been arrested, but no further details were provided.

A police officer was still at the premises this morning.

The Express has tried to contact the restaurant.