Drug dealer caught during routine police car check

A drug dealer was caught when police stopped him due to the poor condition of his car.

Monday, 10th May 2021, 8:36 am

Jay Fraser Alan Sankey was pulled over in February on Lisheen Avenue in Castleford during a routine check on vehicles, prosecutor Jade Edwards told Leeds Crown Court.

But when officers approached the vehicle there was a strong smell of cannabis, so conducted a search.

They found three bags of the drug, worth about £100, a bundle of cash and a mobile phone which was ringing.

Sankey was caught with drugs, cash and a mobile phone containing evidence of dealing.

They later found messages on the phone about selling, collecting and delivering drugs, plus a list of people who had received drugs on credit.

The 29-year-old gave a 'no comment' interview to the police.

He admitted possession with an intent to supply a Class B drug.

The court was told that Sankey, of Arnside Crescent, Castleford, had previous convictions, but only one that was drug related - possessing cannabis.

Mitigating, Felicity Hemlin, said that Sankey had to provide care for his partner who was not in good health and he had racked up debts.

Miss Hemlin said: "He was in a very bad place and to pay off his debts he had borrowed money from members of his family and his partner's family. His financial situation was dire.

"He recognises what he has done wrong and wants to go back he was before- crime free."

Judge Neil Clark gave him a four-month jail sentence, suspended for a year.