Featherstone man bit and punched door security officer


A former licensee of pubs and clubs from Featherstone bit a door security officer on the hand after being ushered out of a nightspot in Blackpool

Graeme Foy, who also repeatedly punched the officer in the head, ended up being sprayed in criminal identifying red dye by his victim.

Foy, 32, of Cedar Walk, Featherstone, who is a trainee funeral director and embalmer, pleaded guilty to assault.

He was sentenced to a 12-month community order, ordered to do 200 hours unpaid work for the community and told to pay £300 compensation with £85 costs plus £85 victims’ surcharge by magistrates.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said the door supervisor at the resort’s Imperial Hotel, Talbot Road, saw Foy aggressively bouncing about in the bar on April 15 and told staff not to serve him any more alcohol.

Foy came towards the exit and the security officer ushered him out and asked him to move away.

Foy then lunged to bite the officer and one of his teeth caused a small wound on the doorman’s hand.

After the officer sprayed him with criminal identification red dye, Foy punched him several times in the head.

Martin Hillson, defending, said Foy had been a licensee in Blackpool and was in the resort to visit relatives and friends, many of whom were licensees.

Foy, who had also served as a medic in the Army, had only three drinks and then shared a cigarette.

He felt the cigarette must have had drugs in it, because after smoking it he had little recollection of what happened. Foy felt genuine remorse and apologised to the victim and police.