‘Illegal’ horses seized by council

Horses that were grazing illegally on two sites have been removed by the council.

Three horses were taken from the fields on Flass Lane, Cutsyke, and Havertop Lane, Ackton, with the support of the Normanton and Featherstone neighbourhood police team (NPT).

The owners now have 14 days to claim them or they could be sold.

Ian Thomson, Wakefield Council’s service director for planning, transportation and highways said: “The horses were removed for the safety of everyone accessing this land, the preservation of the habitat and for the protection of the horses themselves.

“After they were removed they were checked by a vet, passported and chipped and are now being stabled by the bailiff.

“The owners can retrieve them from the bailiff after they have paid all the necessary costs.”

Notices advising the owners of the intention to remove the horses were posted on the sites but were ignored by the owners.

They were removed on Wednesday afternoon, January 29.

Acting Insp David Rogerson, of the Normanton and Featherstone NPT, said: “The council had given the owners several warnings but no response was received.

“Officers from the NPT were there to provide support and prevent any kind of breach of the peace.”

There were believed to have been a total of up to eight horses grazing on both fields without either the correct permission or a licence last month.