Majority of drivers speeding on city centre road - police say

Marsh Way is a 30mph road.
Marsh Way is a 30mph road.

The majority of drivers are breaking the speed limit on a Wakefield city centre road, police have found.

Officers have been calculating speeds on the dual-carriageway section of Marsh Way next to Sainsbury’s on Trinity Walk and found that the most are breaking the 30mph speed limit.

It follows a series of concerns were raised by residents and pedestrians, particularly as there are several zebra crossings on the stretch.

PCSO Jordan Powell told the Express: “It seems that the public don’t know that this road is a 30mph speed limit road.

“We have been doing pro-laser operations to see what average speed we are getting on the road and it came out at 34mph.

“Residents have been complaining saying that people are doing upwards of 50mph and that not many know that it’s a 30mph road since it’s a dual carriageway.”

Police have said they will continue to monitor the situation.