Police boss to crack down on burglary rates

Mark Burns-Williamson
Mark Burns-Williamson
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Crime across the county has dropped by nine per cent according to new figures released last week by the Home Office.

Burglary in West Yorkshire has seen the biggest improvement with an 18 per cent decrease in reported incidents.

Vehicle crime has also dropped by 12 per cent and violent crime and robbery has fallen by 11 per cent.

But police boss Mark Burns-Williamson has vowed to crack down on burglary after statistics showed the region is suffering a higher than average rate of incidents compared to the rest of England and Wales.

The police and crime commissioner said: “We continue to suffer with a high burglary rate and although these figures show a clear drop we are still high when compared to other forces.

“I will be including burglary as a priority in the Police and Crime Plan 2013/14 to make sure people are safer in their communities.”

Figures show there are 13 burglaries per 1,000 population compared to the national average of nine per 1,000.

Mr Burns-Williamson said he would be working with the Chief Constable to drive down burglary and move closer to the national average.