Police survey challenges perceptions

Insp. Lisa Kirkland from Featherstone and Normanton NPT
Insp. Lisa Kirkland from Featherstone and Normanton NPT

A third of people in Featherstone believe drug use is a “major problem” in the area– but a police survey showed only three drug offences were recorded in January.

Results from a ‘Perception vs Reality’ survey commissioned by Featherstone neighbourhood policing team (NPT) found residents believe the rate of crime is higher than it actually is.

The findings showed 33 per cent of people felt drug use or dealing was high, 40 per cent deemed burglary to be a major problem and 17 per cent felt there was a minor issue with burnt out cars.

Insp Lisa Kirkland of the NPT said: “What does surprise us is the difference between an actual problem that requires intervention and what is perceived as being a problem.

“I hope to address the difference with genuine honesty and transparency, to enable residents to fully appreciate the place where they live and the tireless and resilient work of the NPT.”

The top issue highlighted by the survey was traffic problems. Police have vowed to crack down on motorists by running additional operations targeting illegal road users and working with partners to address different offences.