Woman jailed for drunken stab attack on partner

Nicole McGill.
Nicole McGill.

A WOMAN stabbed her boyfriend in the leg during a drunken fight weeks after being given a suspended prison sentence for biting part of a woman’s ear off, a court heard.

Nicole McGill, 24, carried out the knife attack on her 33-year-old partner Damien Tate after a Christmas drinking binge turned violent.

Police arrived at the couple’s home in Normanton, near Wakefield, to find McGill hiding in bed trying to lick his blood from her fingers.

Leeds Crown Court heard McGill and Mr Tate had been out separately on the night of the attack, December 20 last year, and rowed when they returned to the property they shared on King Street.

Dave Mackay, prosecuting, said the argument turned violent and McGill used a kitchen knife to stab Mr Tate on the inside of his right thigh.

The prosecutor said Mr Tate began bleeding heavily from a wound, which was the size of a 50p piece.

He called police and officers arrived to find blood on the kitchen and living room walls.

McGill appeared to be asleep when officers went to the bedroom but her mobile phone records showed she sent a text to a friend to say police were in the house.

McGill was trying to lick blood from her hands as she was arrested and said: “He’s finally crawled home then.”

The court heard McGill had marks and bruising from where Mr Tate had his hands around her neck.

McGill pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding.

Just four weeks before the attack, McGill appeared before the same court for committing the same offence against a young woman by biting pert of her ear off in a pizza shop attack

Kylie Price, 24, was left “permanently maimed” when McGill sank her teeth into her ear.

Miss Price described the bite as sounding like “someone biting a carrot.”

McGill was handed a 12 month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, over the drunken assault in a takeaway on Carlton Street, Castleford.

She has a number of other convictions for violence, including one for punching and kicking a woman unconscious at a taxi rank.

Jeremy Lindsay, mitigating, said McGill pleaded guilty to the attack on her partner on the basis that she had acted with excessive self defence.

He added: “The argument escalated and Mr Tate put his hands around her throat and tightened them.”

Mr Lindsay said McGill had a long-stand problem with alcohol and drinking to excess.

Judge James Spencer, QC, said: “You have a choice when you go out - you either get bladdered or you go home sober.”

McGill was jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Judge Spencer told her: “You seem to be the kind of person who will resort to violence at the first resort in whatever circumstances you find yourself.

“I gave you a clear warning when you came before me in November last year and yet within weeks you have breached it by the commission of this offence.”