‘Dangerous’ flytipping at former pit site

Karen Rollinson is angry about fly-tipping on the former Glass Houghton Colliery. (p624a412)
Karen Rollinson is angry about fly-tipping on the former Glass Houghton Colliery. (p624a412)

Angry residents claim a Castleford nature reserve is being used as a dumping ground by flytippers.

They say tyres, wire, glass and empty cans are being dumped at the reserve on the former Glass Houghton pit stacks site, near the Xscape leisure complex.

Resident Karen Rollinson, 38, said she was out walking with her family when she spotted the rubbish.

The mum-of-two said: “It’s just disgusting. There’s wire, tyres, glass, it’s just a mess and it’s dangerous.”

The family had stopped by a bench called Hilda’s Point which has a view overlooking the old pit site.

But Mrs Rollinson said that rather than seeing something picturesque, it has been turned into a dumping ground.

She said: “There is a nature trail up there with oak woodland, larks and deer. There is also a lovely view over the whole of Castleford.

“It could be fantastic for tourists coming to Xscape but it is being abused.”

She said the site was dangerous for animals and wildlife and that oil had spilled into the water from dumped rubbish.

She added: “It makes me angry that some people would do this. I want it cleared. Even a fridge has been dumped.

“I think people should know what a beautiful place there is within walking distance.

“I just want this rubbish to be cleared up. I have complained to the council but nothing has been done.”

Glynn Humphries, Wakefield Council’s service director for environment and street scene, said: “This is not our land but we have been trying to find out who owns the site in a bid to get them to clean it up as soon as possible.”