Daredevil grandmother skydives for Candlelighters

Maryellen Jaques and Gina Williams Fox
Maryellen Jaques and Gina Williams Fox

A grandmother is flying high after jumping out a plane at 15,000ft.

Gina Williams Fox took the leap of faith to raise money for the children’s charity Candlelighters.

Gina Williams Fox and Maryellen Jaques

Gina Williams Fox and Maryellen Jaques

The charity has been caring for her granddaughter Olivia Weston, who was diagnosed with acutre lymphoblastic leukaemia last October.

And Mrs Williams Fox completed the tandem skydive with her son Luke’s fiancée Maryellen Jaques in Scunthorpe on Saturday, July 4.

Mrs Williams Fox, of Harefield Road, Pontefract, said: “It was an amazing experience. I recently turned 50 so it was fantastic to do it for that aswell.

“Olivia had been away at Centre Parks with the family but she turned up to surprise us and watch us jump. It made it all worthwhile.”

Maryellen Jaques doing a skydive

Maryellen Jaques doing a skydive

Three-year-old Olivia began her treatment just three days after her diagnosis.

Her parents, Rob and Gemma Weston, opted for her to take part in a new chemotherapy trial, which saw her given a higher dosage of the treatment.

And remarkably after eight days Olivia was in remission.

She has already had two stages of intensive chemotherapy and is now receiving treatment at Leeds General Infirmary every four weeks.

Olivia’s family have organised several fundraisers for Candlelighters raising a staggering £13,000.

And they are hoping to stage a charity fashion show later this year.

Mrs Williams Fox said: “Olivia is doing really well and continuing with her treatment.

“Candlelighters have been really supportive and as a family we wanted to all we could to help them.”

To donate, log onto www.justgiving.com/gemma-weston.