David’s new art exhibition

Artist David Newbould at Bridge Arts, Castleford.'p303a233
Artist David Newbould at Bridge Arts, Castleford.'p303a233

VISITORS to Bridge Arts’ latest exhibition have the chance to see an artist at work throughout this month.

Local artist David Newbould, 74, is working at the Sagar Street venue while a show of his work is on display there until the end of August.

The show is a mixture of old and new paintings, covering a wide range of subjects.

David said: “I’m an electrician who paints. I don’t call myself an artist, but I know if I paint something I’m really chuffed with, which I get maybe twice a year, I keep it, and this is a collection of some of those paintings.”

David said he gets his inspiration from the Yorkshire Dales and the characters he has encountered there over the years.

He said: “There’s all these old boys at cattle auctions, looking like they’ve got six months to live. There were these two guys who used to stand next to the auctioneer’s podium, and I’ve never seen two people look so miserable.

“I never saw them look happy in 20 years, but they’re the inspiration for Mother Said There’d Be Days Like This, which is in the exhibition.”

Other paintings in the show reflect David’s childhood in Castleford. He added: “When we were kids, all these streets, Oxford Street, Glebe Street, they all had gas lamps and that was where we used to play, and the house by the lamp always seemed to have a miserable man there who used to rap on the window and tell us to ‘b*gger off up your own end’, so that’s the story behind the bell we rang on Mischief Night, and that’s another painting I’m showing this time.”

David’s exhibition is at Bridge Arts until August 29, open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday-Saturday from 10am to 3pm.

David will be holding paintings sessions there during the exhibition, ring Bridge Arts on 01977 556741 to find out dates and times.