Detective ran illegal steroid dealing business, court hears


A detective on trial for stealing drugs from police stores told a jury he made money from an illegal and “flourishing” steroid business.

Organised Crime Group member Nicholas McFadden, 38, is accused of stealing cocaine, heroin, speed and cannabis, which had been seized by fellow officers.

McFadden, formerly of Ossett and Castleford, also faces a charge of conspiring to supply those drugs with his brother Simon, 41,

Weight-trainer Nicholas McFadden, giving evidence at Leeds Crown Court yesterday (Monday), said he first took anabolic steroids when he was about 17 but also used legitimate supplements.

In 2008 he became worried about his finances when his wife Clair became pregnant.

The trial heard he did over-time at work and had a sideline business selling legitimate body-building supplements, making a few hundred pounds a month.

But regular gym user McFadden said: “I had an opportunity to become involved in small-time selling of anabolic steroids.”

He said he was introduced to someone who could get anabolics at wholesale prices.

McFadden added: “There are certain types of people who use them. I’ve been asked countless times whether I could get hold of steroids and I’ve always steered away from it.”

The court heard after his wife became pregnant, McFadden realised he could make more money selling steroids.

He said he first sold them in a small way in 2008 but business started picking up in 2010.

The officer said: “It really could vary. Big orders could be nine or £10,000 pounds a time, smaller ones, a thousand, maybe £500 to a thousand.”

The jury heard his profit would be around 40 per cent on a £10,000 sale.

He said his brother Simon was involved in the business - helping with deliveries and collecting money - but he did not initially know they were steroids.

Alistair MacDonald QC, defending, asked the officer: “By the end of 2010 - the last quarter of 2010 - how was the steroid business going?”

McFadden replied: “For want of a better phrase, it was flourishing. It was busy.”

Nicholas McFadden, formerly of Grove Street, Ossett and Pasture Drive, Castleford, denies four charges of theft and four of conspiracy to supply the drugs. He has admitted one charge of money laundering.

Simon McFadden, of Darfield Place, Leeds, denies four charges of conspiring to supply drugs and one of money laundering.

The trial continues today.