Diamond couple mark 60 years

Diamond wedding, Joy Phillips and David Hugh
Diamond wedding, Joy Phillips and David Hugh

A headteacher and church pastor have celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary with family and friends.

Joy and David Phillips, who have lived in Wakefield for 50 years, marked 60 years of marriage at Bagden Hall, in Denby Dale.

Looking Back: David and Joy on their wedding day.

Looking Back: David and Joy on their wedding day.

Mrs Phillips, who was headteacher at St John’s School in Wakefield, said: “We had such a nice time. It couldn’t have been better really, surrounded by our friends and relatives. People I used to work with, people from the church we go to.”

Mr Phillips, 85, was a minister at New Life Christian Centre on George Street. Mrs Phillips, 82, said: “We have always got on very well. We liked the same things, like going away on holiday.

“When David was driving we used to head off wherever the mood took us and stay the night or a couple of nights and just generally enjoy life.

“When we were young and first married we went camping.

“England first then we started going abroad. Each year we went further afield and explored more.

“We would do round tours going through France, stopping in any interesting towns, then going to Switzerland, before Belgium, Germany, and Holland.”

The couple were married in Grimsby and have two children, Rachel and Jonathan.

Jonathan said: “Rachel and myself, daughter-in-law Ana and grandchildren Luke, Daniel, Adam and Grace, not forgetting Abby the dog. We thank them for being the best, most loving parents and grandparents they could have wished for. Happy Anniversary.”