‘Disgust’ at benefits claim

I READ with disgust about a couple still claiming benefits despite a substantial win on the lottery in 2005.

After a win of nearly £10 million they are reported to be still claiming £500 per month and a replacement new car every three years from state benefits.

My estimate for buying a new car and running it would be in excess of £500 per month. This would amount to circa £100,000 taken from the benefit system over the past seven years, a system which was designed to help those in real need.

This is a classic example of how greedy and selfish many have become in our society.

With social security costs exceeding income tax revenue by £25 billion (Telegraph, February 4) is it not time this sort of greed was stopped by means testing? Then the money would go to those that really need it, not multi millionaires like this.

The claim “I am entitled to it”, sadly is true on paper, but anyone with a glimmer of social conscience would see this claim as obscene, especially in the current economic climate.

Under pressure, even the greedy bankers are temporarily lifting their heads out of the trough. Robbing the poor to pay the rich just rolls off my lips.


Hadleigh Rise