‘Disgusted’ at treatment

I GOT rushed into Pinderfields Hospital on Sunday March 18 with kidney stones.

I’ve got to say the ambulance crew were brilliant, but living in Ackworth I would have prefered to go to Pontefract, but we know why that won’t happen!

I was taken to Pindefields and put on ward (gate) 38, a short stay ward.

I did get a room to myself, but I’ve got to say if you get a room without a window it’s very stifling and you can’t get a signal to use your phone or the phone they provide in your room, which isn’t great if you can’t leave your room.

My main complaint is the way I was treated on Friday night March 23 after I’d had an operation to remove my kidney stone, which, by the way, did not work.

They took me back to my room about 8pm-9pm after my op and just left me there on my own.

When I came round, I realised there was blood all over my nightgown, down my legs, on the bed and on the floor.

A nurse finally came in at 10pm to tell me to turn out the light, she obviously saw the condition I was in but just left me lying there.

I was still groggy from the operation and couldn’t get up to change my nightgown or wash myself.

I was so incensed about it I managed to record it on my phone, after that I just fell to sleep. I woke up in the morning with blood all over me. I managed to wash myself and change my nightgown, but there was still blood on the floor.

Is this how they treat all patients after an operation? I thought it was disgusting.

I got discharged that afternoon and didn’t complain because I knew I’d have to go back in. I’ve been back in since and had the stone crushed, thankfully.

Everybody I’ve shown the recording to has said I should complain about it, surely they shouldn’t get away with treating people like this?

I’m sure all nurses aren’t this bad, but Pinderfields does seem to be getting a name for itself.


Langdale Drive