‘Dismiss housing plan’

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I WRITE as part of the Ackworth Road and Hardwick Road action group which is appalled that Wakefield District Council is pursuing the use of green space adjacent to where we live for housing development (N51A).

The traffic from the new development will bring further deterioration to the air quality in Pontefract.

Town End has been an “air quality management area” for the past 15 years or so, as yet no improvement initiatives have been put in place to combat the unhealthy high levels.

Levels of NO2 at Town End at the last count were quite high, and there is no possibility of this hazard being reduced without taking traffic away from the town centre, not adding to it.

There is a clear presumption within the planning policy statement in favour of prioritising brownfield development against greenfield sites.

Point 36 states: “The priority for development should be previously developed land, in particular vacant and derelict sites and buildings.”

The proposal for removal of this fertile grade two arable land could have a significant effect on the surrounding community of Pontefract.

To develop fruitful land that provides some 80,000kg of wheat, shows lack of judgement/ thought from both the developers and the council.

I would then ask the council to dismiss this application and look to other sites in need of regeneration (Prince of Wales), rather than ruin perfectly good grade two arable land.


Ackworth Road