DJ Greg’s tuneful global mix

Greg Myers grew up in Pontefract and is now a world DJ for Hedkandi productions
Greg Myers grew up in Pontefract and is now a world DJ for Hedkandi productions

MUSIC technology has advanced at the speed of a strobe light over the last decade, but one DJ from Ackworth manages to mix this fast-paced world with his local roots.

Former Carleton High School student Greg Myers, world DJ for Hed Kandi Productions, has taken the dance world by storm since learning his technical trade at clubs and pubs in Pontefract.

A new album released on October 17 by Hed Kandi will feature tracks he has performed at club venues across the world, including Canada, Tokyo and Singapore.

Greg, 27, of Went Hill Close, Ackworth, said: “This album is my first mix to come out on Hed Kandi which I’m very excited about.

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do since being in my final year at school. I’ve always wanted to be part of the brand as its the world’s most famous house music brand.”

Greg received his first set of decks for his 14th birthday and started mixing tunes in his bedroom in Ackworth before playing at private functions.

He said: “I experimented with different sounds on my own first, there wasn’t much I could learn about this from the music department at school so it was a case of someone showing me what to do and teaching myself different things.

“At 17 I started doing private parties and by 21 I was playing big nights in Pontefract and Wakefield.

“It was a case of getting your name out there on the circuit and eventually you start to hear about clubs that are looking for DJs which led me to DJ the biggest night in Leeds.”

Greg was asked to join the world renowned music company Hed Kandi as a resident DJ at super club Space in Ibiza in 2009.

Shows in West Yorkshire became just a memory for Greg as he was catapulted into the electric stratosphere of the super clubs which would become his new stage for world domination.

Greg said: “After an amazing season I became a world resident DJ. Playing for huge crowds just comes with experience.

“I would eventually play for crowds of about 3,000 people and it is the nerves which are the biggest hurdle to overcome.

“A lot of people can give up at the beginning if they don’t get the right breaks but you just have to keep going at it, like any job.”

But Greg’s job is not like any other as he jet sets regularly around the world to play to Hed Kandi fans.

The compilation CD, featuring Greg’s tracks is the latest in the Hed Kandi World Series CD collection, called World Series: Barcelona.

The music on the CD is made up of various artists’ tracks mixed together by Greg and fellow DJ Sam Cannon to create new sounds popular in dance scenes across Europe.

Barcelona is a dance capital where Hed Kandi nights are regularly supported.

Greg said: “Having a track out on a Hed Kandi CD is something that I’ve been working towards for 14 years.

“I still have my old friends from school and I love being able to take them to different venues around the world with me.

“You know who your true friends are and I wouldn’t want to do this job if I couldn’t share the good times with them.”

Greg added: “There is no expiry date on a DJ career.

“I hope things will keep going as they are at the moment, I’m proud of the work I’ve done and hope I can keep doing it.”