Dog pickaxe threat

Frederick Poole at Pontefract mags
Frederick Poole at Pontefract mags

A PENSIONER – branded a “neighbour from hell” – threatened to hit his elderly neighbour’s dog with a pickaxe.

Frederick Poole, 69, who was slapped with an ASBO after terrorising his neighbours on Pollard’s Fields in Ferrybridge in 2010, also threatened to put rat poison down to harm the woman’s pet during the terrifying incident on New Year’s Eve.

Leeds Crown Court heard it was the second time Poole breached his ASBO and he had previously been given a nine-week suspended prison sentence.

But judge Sally Cahill said she would give him a “last chance” to comply with the order and handed a him a consecutive 12-week prison sentence, suspended for two years, for the second offence.

The judge said: “You may think that because you are 69 and your health is not good that prison is not somewhere you will be sent, but people like you do go to prison in spite of their age and in spite of their ill health.”

Patrick Gallagher, prosecuting, told the court Poole – whose ASBO banned him from making excessive noise and contacting his next-door neighbours Doreen and Gordon Kelsey – returned to his property at around 2pm on December 31.

The Kelseys, who are in their 60s, heard “banging” from the garden and when Mrs Kelsey went out to investigate, saw Poole holding a pickaxe above the dog’s head.

Mr Gallagher said: “He was holding the pickaxe above his head, threatening to hit the dog with it. He then threatened to put rat poison down to harm the lady’s dog.”

Police were called and arrested Poole, who admitted he had breached the conditions of his ASBO.

The court heard the pensioner had originally been given an interim ABSO in September 2010 after neighbours reported “excessive noise” coming from his property and claimed he had threatened them.

Less than a week later, he was arrested for breaching his ABSO by playing loud music.

Poole denied the offence but was convicted by a jury at Leeds Crown Court last August and given a suspended prison sentence.

He was cleared of one count of breaching his ASBO by verbally abusing his neighbours.

Cassie Williams, mitigating, said it was only the second time Poole had been back at the property, which is owned by his son, since November 2010. She said the house was being renovated to be sold and Poole, who was now living eight miles away on Woodhouse Crescent, Normanton, had no plans to return to the property.

The judge slapped Poole – who was branded a “neighbour from hell” by Knottingley PC Charlie Banks – with a five-year restraining order banning him from Pollard’s Field.