Dog saved from drowning after becoming stranded in lake

Eddie was saved from a lake in Pontefract Park.
Eddie was saved from a lake in Pontefract Park.

A runner saved a dog from drowning after it became stranded in a lake.

Jodie Booth, of Edendale, Castleford, had gone for a walk around Pontefract Park with her one-year-old son Jackson and her labrador Eddie on Sunday.

But while Miss Booth was feeding the ducks, Eddie fell into the water and struggled to get back onto the bank.

Justin Poole, of Airedale, had been for a run around the park when he saw Mrs Booth trying to save her pet.

He instinctively leapt into the lake and rescued Eddie.

Mrs Booth, 33, said: “There is no way I could have saved Eddie on my own. I was in such a panic trying to pull him out but he was too heavy. I was fearing the worst.

“There is no doubt if Justin had not helped I may have lost my dog that day.”

After checking Mrs Booth and her pet were both okay, Mr Poole continued with his run around the park.

Mrs Booth said: “I am really grateful to Justin for coming to the rescue. I cannot thank him enough.”

Mr Poole said: “As I got closer to them I could see the dog was struggling to get out.

“I just did what anyone would have done and helped the dog out of the lake. I am glad he is okay.”