Don’t believe the hype

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AM I the only one to think that if you work for the NHS Trust on £150k plus you are paid this amount because people believe your self hype?

You can do the job you said you could and if you have to employ someone ten times this amount to help you out then by definition you are not qualified to do your job.

When I was employed as a technician I was paid to do my job.

I could not flick through yellow pages and get someone to do my job.

So I ask the chairman what are we paying you for? Get off your smug backside, get real and give the people of Pontefract and the area what we were promised and have paid for.

We’re sick of spin, claptrap, and excuses – step up or ship out. Oh and take the rest of the board with you and put the light out on the way out!

Your days are numbered.


Manor Close