‘Downfall’ of pavements

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AS a follow up to the letter about Castleford pavements (Express January 10), I have also complained many times to Peter Box, and at different meetings, about the downfall of Castleford town centre and pavements.

I have been told Wakefield people say Castleford gets more done than anyone else, eg the bridge and Xscape.

My sister fell over a small grate stuck up four inches on the pavement near Bright House at 11.30am and by 3.30pm the same day they had filled it in with tarmac.

I rang the council and complained and the answer I was given was it was cheaper to pay out on claims than fix pavements.

In other words, never mind the pain and discomfort of weeks of not being able to go out and hospital appointments for old people who already find it hard to get about.

It is three years on February 13 since my sister’s accident and she is still having problems and suffering, so all I can say is thank you Wakefield Council for your inconsideration for the elderly people who pay council tax and have to put up with it.


Sheldrake Road