Drunken yobs target estate

Priory Road in Featherstone
Priory Road in Featherstone

Drunken gangs of teenage yobs have been terrorising elderly residents on a Featherstone estate.

Town councillor John Jackson told the Express groups of youths had been prowling Priory Road and causing havoc for the last three weekends.

He said the teens were urinating in the street, had kicked a litter bin to pieces and smashed down a fence belonging to an elderly couple.

Coun Jackson said: “It’s disgusting. I can cope with it personally, but it’s the elderly who are terrified to come out and confront them for fear of making it worse.

“It’s getting out of hand, we need the police to come down and make some arrests.”

Featherstone neighbourhood policing team confirmed they had stepped up patrols in the area following reports of trouble on the estate.

PC Suzanne Day said in addition to damage to the bin and the fencing, a car had also been targeted.

She added: “We have got a number of elderly residents and this is causing distress. There are also several vulnerable people on the estate and they are too frightened to ring us.

“People want to spend their evenings in peace and they can’t. If anyone has any information, please contact myself of PCSO Martin Denison on 101.”

The group is thought to be a mix of male and female teenagers and the incidents took place between 6pm and 8pm on November 29, December 6 and December 13.

Coun Jackson is now urging parents to be responsible and to keep a closer watch on their children.

He said: “Some of these youths must be only 14 or 15 years old. They must be going home drunk and I would like to think parents realise that if their children are coming home drunk, they may have been causing trouble for others.

“I want parents to warn the children who are a minority that they are spoiling it for the majority.”