Duties cannot be ignored

IN response to the letter about the council paying trade union officers (Express, July 28), I am sure readers will appreciate that as a responsible employer, the council is committed to looking after the interests of its employees. This includes supporting union representation, which is not unique to Wakefield.

We also have a duty to keep residents informed of our services and The Citizen – referred to in the same letter – is one of our main ways of doing this, alongside local media and our website.

Research shows that residents like to receive information about council activities through a combination of local media and information sent directly to their homes. The Citizen costs a maximum of 14p per household. It is a well-established and well-read publication. We are working to make sure it reflects what residents want from their council newspaper, that its contents are relevant and useful and that the paper is an interesting and enjoyable read.


Cabinet Member for Corporate Performance

Wakefield Council