Elaine Paige knows her musicals so well

Helen Reid, co-producer Max Reid, Elaine Paige and Justin Mallinson.
Helen Reid, co-producer Max Reid, Elaine Paige and Justin Mallinson.

Singer and star of the stage Elaine Paige has endorsed a new musical, which took the writers a decade to get on stage.

No Horizon The Musical tells the true story of Nicholas Saunderson, who was blinded by smallpox and faced a variety of challenges in his life.

It was written by Andy Platt and Max Reid, who recruited actors and actresses from Wakefield to join the cast.

Mrs Paige spoke about the new musical on her BBC Radio 2 show and praised the writers for the song Colour of Love.

Mr Platt said: “The cast and crew all tuned in to listen.

“We were delighted she played the song because Mrs Paige rarely plays unknown musicals. We were chuffed.”

Mrs Paige praised the show for discovering new talent and said more creative projects deserve a break in the industry.

Mr Reid said: “ To put on an amateur production like this with only a handful of professional people to assist on the creative side is incredibly difficult and time consuming.

“We were blessed with home grown talent from both Penistone and Wakefield so decided to steal these rare and gifted individuals to make the show what it is.”

Artistic director Louise Denison, technical director Adam Moore and musical director Natalie Davies, who are all from Wakefield, are involved in the show.

Wakefield Theatre Royal CEO Murray Edwards said: “I saw this show in its previous incarnation and feel that it has much to offer. I am really looking forward to seeing it again, especially as there are so many talented young people from Wakefield taking part.”

The sold out show will be performed at the Penistone Paramount on Sunday and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August next year.