Election 2018: Liberal Democrats

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Standing in: 12 seats – Ackworth, North Emsall and Upton, Crofton, Ryhill and Walton, Horbury and South Ossett, Ossett, Pontefract South, Stanley and Outwood East, Wakefield East, Wakefield North, Wakefield Rural, Wakefield South, Wakefield West, Wrenthorpe and Outwood West.

Pitch: The Conservative government is starving local councils of necessary central funds, while the local Labour-dominated Wakefield Council is mismanaging the meagre resources that they have.

Just look at the fiasco of Wakefield market, the number of empty shops in all the towns and villages of our district, and the appalling planning system that allows developers to ride roughshod over local concerns.

Worse, far worse, is their poor leadership and oversight; for example in March 2018 Ofsted reported that there are ‘significant weaknesses’ in the council’s services for children. The only thing growing under Labour is the size and number of potholes!

Change is needed and only the Liberal Democrats offer a realistic choice. We have 12 candidates spread across the district and many are well known in their local communities because of the hard work they already do and as councillors they will be able to do much, much more.

Around the country the Liberal Democrats have an excellent track record of successfully running councils and a reputation for listening to local people and working for them.

If you believe in a fairer society, if you believe in councils working for the people, if you believe in a democracy that allows you to decide, then please vote Liberal Democrat on May 3. Thank you.