Electricity safety warning issued

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SCHOOL pupils across Pontefract and Castleford breaking up for the summer holidays are being warned to be aware of the deadly dangers of interfering with 

Northern Powergrid, the electricity distributor for Yorkshire said youngsters must resist any temptation to trespass in substations, climb pylons or play near overhead power lines.

Every year, people are killed and seriously injured through accidents or deliberate interference with electricity networks across the country.

Paul Norton, head of safety, said: “We all remember the excitement of breaking up from school for the long summer holidays. But it’s absolutely vital that youngsters realise that interfering, accidentally or otherwise, with any part of our network can prove fatal.

“Every year, people die or suffer serious burns by touching cables or equipment that they didn’t realise were live. We would ask that all parents and guardians advise their youngsters of the potential dangers and ask them to stay safe and well away from all electrical hazards.

“We’ve had instances where youngsters themselves have phoned into our contact centre saying they’ve accidentally kicked their football into a substation and can we arrange for our engineers to retrieve it. Trying to get the ball back themselves would be extremely dangerous and we would much rather they gave us a call.”

Visit Northern Powergrid’s website at www.northernpowergrid.com/page/safety/index.cfm for more advice on staying safe this summer.