Elusive Grandidge earns another victory

Airedale boxer Jordan Grandidge.
Airedale boxer Jordan Grandidge.

Airedale ABC’s Jordan Grandidge was back in action to secure a well earned split decision win against vastly more experienced Barnsley boxer Brian Jackson.

The experience and boxing reputation of the man from the Hard & Fast ABC Club may have led many at the venue, outside of Airedale ABC, to assume that Grandidge would not prevail.

But the 23-year-old, 68kg Castleford boxer began the bout working well behind his jab and it became clear that he did not intend to follow that script.

Despite Jackson’s attempts to close the distance between them throughout round one Grandidge displayed superior ring craft, stepping in and out of range with ease and using angles to prevent Jackson from delivering any meaningful attack.

Towards the end of round two Jackson appeared to be struggling to land any significant shots, which possibly helped persuade the judges to score the round in Grandidge’s favour.

Jackson, perhaps realising that victory was slipping away, began round three with ferocity, hurling threatening hooks towards the head and body of his increasingly elusive opponent.

Grandidge’s footwork ensured that much of this attack fell short or at best met only his gloves to which he responded with bursts of quick, stiff combinations that stifled Jackson’s valiant but futile efforts. In the end it was the Airedale man’s measured, intelligent boxing that saw him through the round and take the fight.

Airedale ABC end a great year having witnessed their boxers, old and new, produce fantastic displays that the club are proud of.

The club thanked all the boxers and their families who have supported them in 2015 and special thanks go to Roger Newbould and Simon Metcalf who recently secured a much needed brand new ring canvass.

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