Wakefield weather forecast: Sunny spells as temperatures begin to climb

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The weather in Wakefield is set to be brighter today, as forecasters predict periods of bright skies, sunny spells and some small periods of cloud throughout the day.

Although, as you can see, the weather this morning has been quite cloudy, with temperatures around 15/16C, but they are set to climb to 17C by lunchtime.

This afternoon is then set to see bursts of pure sunshine late afternoon, reaching a peak of 19C.

Early evening will still be sunny and warm, before temperatures begin to slowly dip at around 8pm.

Tomorrow is expected to be similar, with periods of sunny spells, bursts of pure sunshine and some small periods of cloud throughout the day.

Temperatures are set to slowly climb towards the end of this week, with Saturday and Sunday set to reach peaks of 21/22C with sunny spells.

According to the Met Office, the end of August into September is then likely to become more widely settled across the UK with a good deal of dry weather and sunny spells developing.

However, occasionally the north and northwest may still be windy, with some rain at times.