Extra cash boost to help tackle tempers

Jack Lloyd and David Downs
Jack Lloyd and David Downs

A successful scheme to get youngsters off the streets has received thousands of pounds in funding from the Home Office.

The Tackling Temper programme has been given a further £8,500 from the government’s ‘Crime Against Guns Gangs and Knife Crime Fund’, to further target and support troubled families in the Five Towns.

The project, which is led by the Featherstone Rovers Foundation and Dave Downs from Community Solutions, will use the cash to introduce an evening programme of activities and classes.

Laurabeth Jaggar, head of community development at Rovers, said “We are pleased with our partnership with Dave. His experience and delivery in this field has allowed the Foundation to attract funding to sustain such project.

“We are delighted to be chosen by the Home Office to receive funding that will able us to assist our community.”

Families will be able to use the programme to improve health and well-being, family bonds, and change bad behaviour. Schools will also be able to use the new ‘step out’ programme which refers pupils in danger of being permanently excluded.