Factory plan ‘outrageous’

THE government’s decision to close the Remploy factory in Pontefract is outrageous, leaves the 27 workers at Pontefract out of a job and leaves those companies that use Remploy like Haribo, in the lurch.

And shockingly, workers had to find out from the news like everyone else!

This at a time when unemployment is going through the roof, with over 3,000 people on the dole round here, including over a thousand young people. Back to work schemes are sinking and the government thinks this is a good time to sack disabled workers.

No-one wants factories that are losing money, but the government should have been looking at additional opportunities for Remploy factories to increase productivity levels and that’s what it promised to do last year. Now we know the truth. Instead of working with Remploy it’s broken yet more promises and made a decision that is bad for disabled workers and bad for the local economy here in Pontefract.


Labour Party candidate

Pontefract North

Honeysuckle Way