Faiths come together to stand in harmony

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People from different faiths are gathering to promote peace and condemn violence at a monthly event in the city.

The Peace Witness gatherings are held on the first Saturday of the month outside Wakefield Cathedral.

It is organised by Wakefield Interfaith Group, which was set up in 2011 with the aim of bringing faith groups in the district together.

Last Saturday’s event included a five-minute silence for people affected by the attack on Westminster on March 22.

Usman Ali, community activist and organiser of the peace event, said: “During the event citizens of Wakefield came from different communities for solidarity after the recent Westminster attack. It was a great event that brought people together from different faiths to promote peace, love and harmony within the Wakefield district.

“The event was attended by many different individuals from different walks of life.

“As a community activist I believe that we can live and work together for the benefit of our communities by respecting and accepting each other’s beliefs and interests.”

Wakefield Interfaith group said on its Facebook page: “We stand in witness to the humanity of all people and our common abhorrence of violence, of terrorism and of war.”

Thousands of people have taken part in commemoration events since the London attack, including a Service of Hope at Westminster Abbey.