Featherstone massacre commemoration on Saturday

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Miners who were shot dead when the army was called in to break up a protest will be remembered with a guided walk.

The event to commemorate the Featherstone Massacre of 1893 will be held on Saturday (September 12), not Friday as stated in today’s Express.

The event by Wakefield Socialist History Group will recall how troops fired on a crowd gathered outside Ackton Hall pit during a lock out of workers by coal bosses.

Angry workers had assembled at the pit after rumours spread that coal was being loaded onto wagons to be transported to the owner’s mill in Bradford.

Officers and men arrived from the First Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment and warning shots were fired.

A second volley of shots then hit eight men, including James Gibb, 22, and James Duggan, 25, who died from their injuries.

Following their deaths the home secretary was forced to set up a parliamentary commission and £100 in compensation was paid to the families.

Walkers will meet at the Bradley Arms, on Willow Lane, North Featherstone, at 2pm.

The guide will be historian John Gill, and a graveside oration will be given by Alan Stewart, convenor of Wakefield Socialist History Group.