Featherstone ‘needs a bypass’

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I VISITED Normanton and Hemsworth for the first time since their bypasses opened and they’ve been transformed into thriving town centres with hardly any traffic.

Express letters September 2011 ‘Town is on agenda’ states “the council allocates money to areas which need the most”, Featherstone can’t even get a few hundred metres of link road to Green Lane.

In fact the only notable change in over 20 years is demolition, Lister Baths and Ferndale old people’s home plus asset stripping, hardly in keeping with their “commitment to improving the quality of life and making Featherstone a great place to work, live and visit”.

Neither would you describe proposed housing developments as regeneration, when a four-way traffic light system is proposed at the Junction Hotel. Two-way traffic lights, which already sees tailbacks on the one way street round to Purston Park blocking through traffic on Hall Street and the A645 Wakefield-Pontefract Road plus access and egress to and from Katrina and Bedford housing estates.

What Featherstone needs the most before gridlock becomes an everyday occurance, not just in the Purston triangle but the length and breadth of the town, is the long-awaited bypass.

It’s not asking for anymore than a fair share of regeneration funds allocated to the council over the years. It would also benefit surrounding areas of the district.


Pontefract Road