Ferret on the loose at Castleford Tigers match

Ferret stock image
Ferret stock image

It was a match that could only be made in Yorkshire when stewards found a ferret on the loose ahead of a Castleford Tigers match.

The club tweeted the pictured ahead of Friday's win over Catalan Dragons urging its owner to come collect him.

Tigers said: “Bit of an odd post but... if someone has lost a ferret around The Jungle this evening, please get in touch with one of the stewards!”

Speculation mounted on social media over whether the ferret had been sent to spy on the team’s training sessions.

Responding to the club on Twitter, Danny B said: "I would put my house on this tweet never happening in rugby union."

Nathan Driscoll said: "This has to be the most Cas thing that’s ever happened"

Matto said: "Only in Cas does that message make sense"

Arlene Finnigan said: "Castleford RL tweeting a lost ferret might be the most Yorkshire thing that's ever happened."

Callum Land said: "Isn't he playing fullback for Catalan tonight?"

Matt Normington‏ said: "Who brings their ferret to a game in this weather?"

Jenna Rose‏ said: "Who brings a ferret to a game at all?"